Program Fees

All Out Adventures 2017 Summer Program Fees and Summer Pass

Universal Access Program (UAP)

UAP Cycling (Fridays in Hadley), $3 per program. 
UAP Paddling (Canoeing and Kayaking), $5 per program.
Or you can purchase the AOA Summer Pass for $35 for the programs that AOA runs in collaboration with UAP. The AOA Summer Pass covers:
◦         1 UAP Cycling program (Fridays in Hadley) and 2 UAP paddling program per week for the summer season.

Pay for UAP pass at program site or download the form and mail it in: 

Senior Cycling Program (60+)

$5 per session.
Independent Cycling Program
For those who have already attended one of our cycling programs and have been matched to a cycle. You can come and use a trike from our office in Northampton. Riders must be able to independently, or with the help of a companion, be able to follow safe riding rules of the trail. 

Saturdays at AOA office in Northampton, $5 per session. 

Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP)
$5 for cycling program or purchase a summer pass. 

Note for all programs:

Each person with a disability can bring one caregiver at no charge. If a person with a disability needs two caregivers to participate, then that person can bring two caregivers at no charge.

We accept cash, check or credit cards.
We prefer cash or check as to avoid paying the credit card processing fee.

Checks payable to:
All Out Adventures
214 State St.
Northampton, MA 01060